Electricity Service Applicants Satisfaction Degree Questionnaire

 Dear Subscriber: As we are working on the revision of the services provided by SEC to you, and identifying the level of the services provided, for the purpose of introducing more improvements on the quality of these services; and due to the importance of the results of this questionnaire, we request you to complete this questionnaire with utmost objectivity:

Electricity Administration: *
Electricity Services Office: *
Subscriber's Name: *
Mobile Tel. No.: *
Type of Application:
Type of Subscription:
No. Item
Quite Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied to a certain Extent Dissatisfied Quite Dissatisfied
1 Easy access to the service office
2 Availability of the car parking for the subscribers
3 Reception hall is suitable and well prepared.
4 Waiting time for submitting the application.
5 Data and information of the application are clear.
6 Procedures ease for submitting the application.
7 Staff presence in the reception halls.
8 The employee is knowledgeable of the regulations and instructions.
9 I am fully informed of all the remarks.
10 Degree of the cooperation of the reception employee.
11 Employee's time commitment.
We hope that you will provide what you find fit of suggestions for a better service: