The Company has proven outstanding efforts and excellence in community service, most notably :

• Participating in Career Day hosted by a number of universities in the Kingdom to introduce the Company’s activities. Career opportunities were announced to give attendees an opportunity to join the workforce in six positions in a variety of fields.

• Contributing in the success of the cooperative training program for college students by providing them the opportunity for practical training in different facilities in the Company, and equipping them with the appropriate practical experience (whether technical or administrative).

• Accepting a number of high school students to work during summer under the Summer Training Program in order to accustom them to the working environment. A monthly remuneration was provided.

In conclusion, SEC believes in the importance of continuing development and changing processes by reviewing and evaluating performances to get them into agreement with recent developments to achieve its vital objectives and the goal of providing high-quality and reliable services to all customers. The Company is certain that this can only be achieved through the participation of professional and advanced human resources. The Company also considers that everything stems from its commitment towards our homeland and its people.