A field research was completed by a group of (80) managers and vice presidents with the aim of reaching a joint attitude regarding the employee's development process which expresses the company's environment, its trends and its special circumstances throughout its transitional stages, and becoming more compatible with the prevailing administrative patterns and all the internal and external factors which affect the characteristics of outstanding workers. Efficiency has been approved as a basis for human resources applications aimed at supervisors and managers, so as to determine the aspects of career development they need to capably play their role according to the highest standards of performance and effectiveness. A matrix of leadership competencies has been issued comprising six competencies which determine the outstanding employees in the company, and which constitute the basis of distinction at work that lead to revision of all human resources applications such as : selection decisions, recruitment, promotion, career paths planning, and determining the developmental and training needs of the employee. Therefore, we moved to build the matrix to be the main reference of competency applications at the company level as it includes the standard specifications for outstanding employees which were classified through six levels of competencies and in accordance with the requirements of a career level.