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Ziyad Bin Mohammed Al-Shiha
President and CEO
Khalid Bin Abdulrahman
 Executive Vice President, Generation
Khaled Bin Hamad Al-Gnoon
Executive Vice President, Distribution and Customer Services
Fahad Bin Hussein Al-Sudairi
Executive Vice President
for Finance, Planning and Performance Monitoring
Khalid Al-Rashed
Executive Vice President, Engineering and Projects
 Khalid Al-Rashed
Senior Vice President, General Services
Faisal Bin Mohammed Al-Lazzam
Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs
Humoud Bin Awdah Al-Ghubaini
Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Relations
Sulaiman Bin Ibrhahim Al-Hubaishi
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
Abdulwahab Bin  Hamza Bin Kheshaim
Senior Vice President, Internal Auditor
Osama Bin Abdulwahab Khawandanah
Senior Vice President, Energy Trading and Ventures
Abdulrahman Bin Mohammed Al-Obayed
Senior Vice President, Human Resources ​