The King​dom's Electricity End Use Consumption Program

In December 2014, the Company supported by the Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority, launched the "Electricity End Use Consumption Program". The project is legal and sustained by the government.

As a Company customer, you are invited to take part in the program. Your participation will help the Company to understand the consumption of electricity in the Kingdom, and help us to improve the electricity system, forecast future trends and develop appropriate planning methodologies. Ultimately the program will benefit the Kingdom and every one of its citizens.

The Company encourages you to go to the website and sign up for voluntary participation. Your help is essential in the success of the program.

How to participate:

1. Read the information about the project on this website

2. For registration click on the Link

Participation is limited, but if you are selected to participate and the Company will contact you and arrange the next steps.


1.Why is the study going to benefit the Kingdom ?

The demand for electricity in the Kingdom is growing at a very rapid pace (8.3% per year). It is therefore imperative and important to find ways to better utilize electricity. A key element in this effort is to understand and classify how energy is consumed throughout the Kingdom. To better understand what is driving this rapid growth, the Company has launched this project. The acquired information will allow the Company to develop customer programs to help manage the growth, reduce costs and deliver better services to its customers. Overall the project will help improve the sustainability of the energy sector in the Kingdom.

2.Why should I participate ?

Your participation is very important. We will use the information we gather from all customers responding to the survey to develop an understanding of how much electricity is consumed by various appliances. With that insight, we will be able to develop policies and programs to help you, our customer, and the Kingdom. If you participate, you will be rewarded with a " Participation Certificate".

3.How do you figure out how much energy my appliance use ?

The Company will install a very smart meter that has the ability to identify selected appliance loads using the unique characteristics of the appliance.

4.Are you going to enter into my house ?

No, we will not go into your home. The meter will be installed outside in the Company's tableau panel.

5.Will the study affect my electricity bill ?

No, there is no plan to change the electricity tariff. However, you can always reduce your electricity bill by adopting energy conservation practices. For more information, visit Empowering Energy channel.

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