Major customers have backup power generators, which may be operated to feed all or part of the customer's loads in the event of a major power failure.

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The rules and regulations for availing backup power supply has been passed based on the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 27 dated 15/02/1401 H, mandating SEC and Civil Defense to cooperate on the implement of the resolution.

- Provide an alternative power source in case of power interruption or breakdown from the main power grid.

- Providing power during peak hours to those who do not own backup generators.

- Where should it be connected? Between the main feeding source and the loads through an automatic switch and lock.

Examples of Facilities that Must Have Backup Power Generator :

Hospitals, government buildings, factories, hotels, airports, celebration palaces and workshops.

Readiness tips for Backup Power Generator :

- Inspect and start the generator without shifting the loads, to make sure it is in good working condition.

- Carry out periodic maintenance works such as testing the filters, as per the instructions of the manufacturer.