The Company continued applying total quality programs with the aim of improving its major operations and upgrading their efficiency levels while decreasing their costs, as well as promoting the quality of the services provided to internal and external customers. 

1.Improvement Program :
The “Improvement” Program is one of the pioneering development programs applied by the 45 Company. It aims at enhancing the operations falling within the scope of each administrative unit in the Company. A team of selected employees from within the department studies its operational procedures aiming to come up with recommendations where improvements are needed. These are later approved and applied. The application of this program results in a sharp drop in direct expenditures and less work time required to complete procedures. Since its inception.


2.Employees’ Innovation Program :
This program encourages Company employees to initiate innovation and creativity with the purpose of upgrading performance effectiveness, safety, productivity, and customer services. The program further endeavors to improve the procedures and develop the use of equipment, facilities, and utilities. It also aims at encouraging the employees to contribute new ideas which can help raise the operational effectiveness, reduce cost, and increase revenues. The program targets all administrative level employees below department manager.The launch of the Automated System for Innovation program led to a mechanism to facilitate the submission of proposals and creative follow-up mechanism for implementing the proposals. Since its launching, this program has achieved savings and a financial return of over a billion riyals for the Company.


3.Outstanding Employees Program :
The Company began applying the Outstanding Employees Program across its branches in 2005. It consists of two sub-programs :

• Monthly Excellence Program (Employee of the Month).

• Yearly Excellence Program (Employee of the Year).

The purpose is to encourage employees to distinguish themselves through excellent performance; assess, reward, and create a healthy competitive environment. Furthermore, it aims to create a competitive atmosphere among employees; targeting all non-supervising employees.