This is a company wholly-owned by the Saudi Electricity Company. It was established on 1/1/2012, with a structure that includes six main activities: operations and control, maintenance, planning, engineering, projects, and technical services, in addition to two central departments. 

Responsibilities of the National Grid SA:

The company is responsible for operating and maintaining the electrical grid of 110/380 KV, continuing its reliability and stability to ensure transmission of electric power to load centers across the Kingdom, and to enhance the electric grid with transmission substations and high voltage cable networks through different stages, including the operations of planning, designing, implementing projects, and ensuring the development of programs and operations in different sectors.

The company’s mission is to run the electrical system, transmit electrical power from its production sites to consumption centers, study the expected loads, develop plans to enhance the electrical system to meet the expected demand, communicate with major customers and determine their needs and the best way to supply them with electricity. The company also cooperates with independent producers to sign purchase and energy exchange agreements and to represent SEC as a prime buyer of independent producers. 

The plans and objectives of the company are dedicated to promoting the electricity supply, reducing costs, and completing the national electric network. ​​