The Saudi Electricity Company recognizes its employees as intangible assets, thus we are absolutely certain of the significance of our efforts promoting social responsibility towards employees through the implementation of several internal communication programs to strengthen communication within the company, the most notable of which are as follows :

Panorama Program :

We honored (536) outstanding recipients of the 'employee of the year' award, exhibiting their pictures and their names in digital display screens in the main centers of the company.

Group Breakfast Program :

We carried out (318) group breakfasts for several business units in the presence of senior company officials to encourage communication between employees and senior management. 

We Are Happy for You Program :

We celebrated (454) occasions of personal significance to staff e.g. marriage or birth of a child, etc., organized by different departments of the company and in the presence of senior officials. 

Thank God for Safety Program :

In this program we conducted (107) visits to employees who have been on hospital confinement with the aim of providing support and assistance. 

Thanks for Your Family Program :

This program honored (445) remarkable employees at the end of the year. Dinner invitations were sent to them and their families aiming to encourage loyalty to the company. 

We Develop Together Program :

In this program, we have held (4) meetings with the Vice Presidents to pass on their experiences and scientific knowledge to the employees. 

Family Sessions Program :

We held (16) family sessions to help develop and enhance skills of our employees' families. 

Employee Orientation Program :

In this program, we organized (34) visits and field trips for the employees to the company's major facilities. 

Employees' Children Visits Program :

In this program, we organized (13) visits and field trips to the headquarters and important facilities of the company for the employees' children.

Marriage Pictures Program :

Filmed (83) suitable wedding ceremonies for our staff and provided photo albums as gifts.

Open-day Program :

We organized (8) programs in 2013 across the various departments of the company.

Greeting Program :

We organized (43) programs during 2015 all over the kingdom.

Motivational Messages :

We sent (181) motivational email messages to employees.

Tawasul :

We organized (4) evening activities to promote continuous communication between our retired employees.

Cultural Competition :

Performed in the annual holy month of Ramadan.

Social Activities :

- Organized various programs and events, lectures, graduation ceremonies, and honorary and private parties.

- Promoted social communication with employees and their families through the implementation of an internal communication plan.

- Organized sports and cultural activities at the Company's social clubs.

- Provided training opportunities for the children of employees to learn the English language and computer skills in agreement with specialized training institutes.