At Saudi Electricity Company, we are keen to build outstanding relation with the different strata of society through the implementation of external communication programs, the most notable of which are:​

Community Sector Visits to the Company Program :

Program for invite and receive various community sectors (educational, governmental, private, etc.) to visit the headquarters and peruse the company's prominent facilities.

More Beautiful Environment Program :

program for help clean up public parks in the touristic areas of the Kingdom.

You Are Up To It :

Visiting children with severe diseases and achieving their wishes to motivate them to continue the treatment plan

Blood Donation Campaign :

campaigns for blood donation inside the company in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the mobile blood banks.

Volunteering :

Hajj/ Umrah/ Maintenance of public places/ Iftar/ Distribution of school bags/ Cleaning the seashores/ and other volunteer and community service programs.

Hosting charities 

The participation in events and activities of the associations and integrating them with the families of the company employees by inviting them to the company's activities.

Supporting sustainability programs and new charities:

To study the projects of charitable societies that are concerned with the rehabilitation and empowerment of beneficiaries and the rehabilitation of emerging societies to be able to implement their sustainable programs such as:

- Support the needs of Alzheimer's patients in collaboration with the Saudi Alzheimer's Disease Association.

- Contribute to purchase apartments and pay rents for a number of divorced women and widows in cooperation with the Mawaddah Association to reduce the divorce rate.

- Establishing training headquarters and two training rooms serving the sons and daughters of registered families, divorced women, widows and prisoners' families by training and qualifying them on vocational programs and training courses that enable them to rely on themselves and create a developmental economic role in the society in cooperation with Al Marwa Charitable Society.

- Establishing and furnishing a sewing factory, a computer lab and a beauty lab , in order to provide important services to the categories in the community dear to hearts, such as orphans and widows, and to help those in need through projects that meet the burdens of life in cooperation with Mastora Charity Association.

- Providing the Jatha charity Center for Disabled People with technology, education and training.

- ​Furnishing the factory and purchase of sewing machines and accessories/ Contracting female trainers and organizing courses with 20 trainees for each, in cooperation with Albir charity at Ghalia.

- Furnishing the center of the Mansoura charity for Social and Development Services including (maintenance - computers - electrical equipment - furniture & stationery - stationery)

- Renting the headquarters of Albir Charity institute in Meghinia, and contracting an advanced training institute, supervisors and trainers, purchasing computers, furnishing the headquarters, organizing courses for students, paying the remainder of the contract and salaries of trainers and supervisors and paying for electricity and prizes for students.

- Construction of a commercial and residential complex for the Society of Thalutha Almanzer.

- The donation of computers for the benefit of the Ertiqa charity and distributing them to schools, associations, social development committees and mosques.