At Saudi Electricity Company, we are keen to build outstanding relation with the different strata of society through the implementation of external communication programs, the most notable of which are :

Visits of the Company's Senior Team Member Program :

In this program, senior members of our team conducted (29) visits to business partners to reinforce and establish relations, and to build bridges of communication with key partners.

Community Sector Visits to the Company Program :

On (37) occasions we invited and received various community sectors (educational, governmental, private, etc.) to visit the headquarters and peruse the company's prominent facilities.

More Beautiful Environment Program :

We organized (17) programs to help clean up public parks in the touristic areas of the Kingdom.

Invest Your Energy Program :

We implemented a program for people with special needs through art/drawing contests all over the Kingdom.

Blood Donation Campaign :

Performed (18) campaigns for blood donation inside the company in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the mobile blood banks.

Our Most Notable Community Achievements :

- Volunteer program serving the pilgrims, distributing (10,000) gifts, and providing guidance and assistance.

- Donating (2) million riyals to (200) charity organizations.

- Sponsoring some social responsibility programs :

• Feeding fasting people.

• Paperless day campaign.

• Blood donation campaign.

• Subsidy for adults 'mobility'.

• Tourism tent advocacy.

• The summer tourist convoy in Baha.

• Abha award.

• Signage program and containers in the Asir region.

- Hosting charitable associations and organizations :

• Charity associations.

• Associations and schools for Quran memorization.

• Orphanages.

• Special needs.

• Delegations from different charity sectors.

- Participating in several exhibitions :

• The "Career Day" exhibition at King Saud University in Riyadh and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Al-Khobar.

• "Gulf Traffic Week" at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

• "Second International Safety and Civil Defense" exhibition at Dhahran.

• The accompanying exhibition of the "First Saudi Conference for Renewable Energy" at King Fahd University.

• "We All Are Producers" third exhibition by the Association of Ahsa Girls Charity (Popular Market - Ahsa).

• Exhibition and a lecture on the occasion of the "Gulf Traffic Week" in cooperation with Industrial Security in the south.

- Participating in several Forums and Conferences :

• Safety and Environment Forum.

• Delivery of a lecture on corporate social responsibility to the members of the Administrative Committee of the western sector, a photo show of the application of social responsibility in major corporations and its positive impact on society.

• Thermal Insulation seminar in Abha Palace Hotel.

• Fifth Safety and Environmental Forum.

• Meteorology and Scientific Environmental Protection Forum.

• World Day of the Civil Defense.

• Twenty-Eighth Gulf Traffic Week (GCC).