Our policy on social responsibility stems from the Company's approach to achieve its objectives and works, while assuring commitment to the conduct and practices related to social responsibility. Furthermore, this policy constitutes the fundamental nucleus for launching the document "Company's Social Responsibility Policies and the Parties We Cooperate with to Achieve Any Business", so that we all take the lead in considering it as an educational and ethical document that we all seek to apply its provisions and to support its articles.

Our social responsibility toward our stakeholders :

- Provide all parties who are affected by our activities with clear, accurate, and reliable information, at the right time, in a manner that will not go against the established professional rules and customary laws.

- Obligation to apply all the governance practices in an impartial and transparent manner, and with proper documentation based on pertinent reports.

- Work toward involving all parties of concern as regards their interests in incorporating their views in decisions and work programs, as well as the Company's practices, whenever possible.

Our social responsibility toward the employees :

- Securing a fair work environment that enables them to perform their occupational tasks and duties, thus contributing to improve the health and welfare levels of our employees and their families.

- Enabling the employees to practice free participation in decision-making processes, and encouraging them to have open dialogs with the upper management.

- Encouraging them to present their free ideas and opinions governed by generally accepted codes of conduct, and listening to them with respect and appreciation.

- Encouraging the employees, without any discrimination, to engage in training and developmental programs, so that such programs will contribute to the improvement of their abilities and professional skills and qualify them for promotions to a better job position.

- Emphasizing that relationship with the employees are based on responsibility and mutual success.

- Fairness among the employees and non-discrimination between them for any other considerations.

- Encouraging all the employees and facilitating their involvement in any activities that may benefit supporting the local community of the Company or the external community at large.

- Complying with all laws and regulations that are applicable locally in the work areas, including, for instance but not limited to, the Saudi Labor Law. However, if there are insufficient legislations in the local labor law, the Company will consider applying the best international practices, without prejudice to the laws of the country.

Our social responsibility toward the community :

- The Company is seeking to invest in the community where it operates by creating long-term development strategy based on community initiative needs.  The results are assessed through performance and outcomes indicators.

- Work, as much as possible, toward providing all types of direct and indirect aids to charities and social development foundations to improve the living standard of community members where we operate.

- Contribute to the support of providing employment opportunities for community members of all categories of customers without any discrimination between them for whatsoever reasons.

Our social responsibility toward the environment :

- Identifying all the direct and indirect impacts on the local environment, according to the available capabilities.

- Work toward achieving future objectives and continuous positive results which are compatible with the international standards for the preservation of the environment; with periodic documentation through social responsibility reports, or at least, including them into the annual report of the Company.

- Contribute to the support of direct and indirect efforts aimed at developing methods for applying clean and eco-friendly programs such as energy conservation programs for environmental purposes or recycling programs.

Our social responsibility toward the customers :

- Right to security and safety:  by providing safe services.

- Right to be heard : by obtaining fair settlements of claims and complaints.

- Right to education : The customer has the right to acquire the knowledge necessary for making conscious and reliable selections.

- Right to privacy : by taking sufficient security measures to assure that the customer's data are not misused and become available to unsolicited marketing.

- Right to improved-technologies : by developing the methods that empower the customer to gain access to services.

Our social responsibility toward the suppliers and contractors :

- Work, as much as possible, to purchase from and work with local suppliers and contractors to support the small/medium-sized enterprises based on mutual responsibility and success.

- Opening channels of communication with all Company suppliers and contractors for the purpose of improving the end services and products for the beneficiaries.

- Work, as much as possible, to urge all Company suppliers and contractors to work in accordance with the norms of social responsibility.

- Providing all kinds of awareness and vocational support to contribute to the success of the social responsibility programs with the parties we work with.

- Commitment to the rules of fair and impartial competitiveness without causing harm to any competitor.

- We are obliged to refrain from practicing all kinds of corruption and bribery in order to get illegal preferential treatment when  receiving quotations for tenders or bids announced by the company or when we deliver the products or projects.  At the same time, we are seeking to promote awareness and train our employees on the mechanisms of how to fight and diminish corruption.

- Full compliance with the locally applied legislations, regulations and laws concerning the Company's practices.

- Adherence to the work ethics and rules, which are not necessarily found in the applied systems, regulations or rules.