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Electricity power transmission, operation, control, maintenance and rent of transmission network lines. It was established in 2012.





Dawiyat Integrated Telecommunications and Information Technology Company, wholly-owned by SEC, with the aim of optimal investment in the company’s resources and assets in the field of the company-owned optic fiber systems covering more than 71,000 km Kingdom wide including 13,000 villages, hamlets and borders and use them to provide integrated telecom services & infrastructure improving quality and speed of Internet in the Kingdom in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 and the National transformation Program 2020 which includes many initiatives in this aspect, the most prominent of them is the initiative of deploying the broadband fiber-optic systems to homes.


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Building the capacity and trading of power, development and establishment of new partnerships, renewable energy projects, independent production and monitoring of their implementation, the management of trade agreements for the sale and purchase of energy, the provision of fuel and the efficiency of its use, and the participation of regulators in establishing and developing the electric power market. It was established in 2017.


The Saudi Electricity for Projects Development Company




Managing construction projects, setting detailed designs, purchasing materials, and implementing projects in the power sector. It was established in 2015.