R&D Centers​

Digital Simulation R&D Centre

The Digital Simulation Center (under construction) targets to be world leader for power systems, innovation
and problem solving.  The current temporary lab of the R&D Centre is located at KFUMP.

Objectives :

1. Located in Dhahran Techno-Valley.

2. Provide support to SEC businesses; Planning, Protection and Operation.

3. Correct and innovate solutions to improve efficiency and reliability of the grid.

4. Include Real Time Digital Simulators (RTDS).

5. Replicate and integrate actual control and protection equipment within RTDS for system testing and network simulations.

6. Run the Lab with collaboration of other organizations including KFUPM.

Smart Grid R&D Center

Established in Riyadh the Smart Grid R&D Center focuses on technologies, systems , Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Management and Losses Reduction.

Objectives : 

1. Align with the ambitious KSA Smart Grid program to ensure  wide-scale adoption of new technologies. 

2. Make use of latest global technologies related to Smart Grid. 

3. Tackle the challenge of increasing energy intensity. 

4. Take lead in implementing the Saudi Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP).

5 .Offer support to the distribution business line in the deployment of 6-10 Million Smart Meter in the next 10 years.

6. Enhance, develop and integrate the renewable energy sources with KSA electrical system. 

Fuel and Efficiency R&D Centre

Established on the West Coast in conjunction with KAUST, The Fuel and Efficiency R&D Center  will conduct and participate in applied research on combustion process utilizing different fuels to optimize the power generation in SEC power plants


1. Investigate for fuel flexibility (burning low grade fuels) 

2. Improve combustion efficiency

3. Reduce O&M cost and extending the life of components/assets  

4. Minimize emission levels (NOx & SOx) to meet national/international requirements

5. Train SEC personnel and play leadership role in technology development for KSA

6. Implement Clean Combustion Test Platform (CCTP) for testing at relevant scale

Renewable Energy R&D Center

The Renewable Energy Center to be established  in Riyadh in conjunction with King Saud University, aims to remove existing barriers to adoption of renewable technologies,  create enabling conditions for their greater uptake, and foster commercialization of promising technology.   

Objectives :

1. Promote penetration and optimal integration of promising renewable energy technologies in the Saudi power electrical system.

2. Identify the existing barriers to renewables  penetration and establish renewable-friendly enabling conditions and policies.

3. Build local capacity and associated resources required for renewable technologies’ proper assessment, planning, design, and development.

4. Catalyze research and development to accelerate local adoption and commercialization of renewable technologies.

5. Knowledge development through project deployment and cooperation with local and international universities and research institutes. A practical example is electricity production from the solar energy using sand (the Solar Sand Project –SSP), which is done as partnership with KSU.

Transmission Line R&D Center

​The Transmission Line R&D Center to be established in Dhahran, will be a leading center to focus on the Transmission back bone of the Kingdom. 

Objectives :

• Optimizing design, construction & operation of AC & HVDC line for minimum life cycle cost.

• Pollution study & classifying separate pollution zones for entire kingdom and continuously monitoring the changes in the pollution severity. 

• Optimizing transmission tower design for each pollution zone and periodic review of the designs based on the changes identified in the pollution & weather conditions.

• Optimizing conductor bundle configurations for minimum cost per MW of power transfer and low energy losses

• Optimizing insulator configurations and insulator materials for optimal tower design, longer insulator life, low investment & minimum operational cost

• Adapting and enabling state of art technology for the development of a stable transmission network 

Policy and Economic Research Center

The Policy and Economic Research Center to be established in Riyadh, is a collaborative endeavor with KAPSARC aims to explore cross- disciplinary issues and challenges, in particular, policy, regulatory, economic and environmental issues.  

Objectives :

• Conduct Energy Modeling through accurate representation of the power sector and by using audited  and updated  system data.

• Conduct joint studies on policy, regulatory, and economic issues.

• Jointly explore the required policy reforms in the Kingdom to further improve the power and energy sectors’ sustainability. 

Knowledge management (KM) in R&D

• Formation of the KM team that held several meetings.

• Held  several KM café  within the R&D  sector.

• Held an Introductory KM Workshop for SEC employees.

• Start planning and framing SEC KM policy and strategy, aiming to implement KM in R&D sector and generalize it to SEC.

• Prepare for the second R&D and innovation forum, at SEC level, that is programmed to be held by the end of 2016.​​