Important Guidelines Before Constructing the Building:

- To work on the building design in such a way that it receives the least direct sunlight to interior areas.

- Decrease the number of windows in the building.

- Appropriate ceiling height.

- Use of bright colors in order to reflect the sunlight and thus reducing absorbed heat into the building.

- Gardens and plantation have a role in reducing sunlight and improves air quality.

Some Means to Be Considered While Building :

- Use of thermal insulation materials in the building.

- Use of thermal heat glass.

- Installation of the solar heater.

- Installation of compact fluorescent lamps/power-saving lamps.

- Buying air conditioners with high efficiency.

- Selection of energy-saving appliances and devices.

- Take advantage of the natural light provided by the sun to save electricity during the day.

Signs of Faults and Errors in Electrical Wiring :

- Hot electrical wall sockets.

- Light bulb does not reach its full brightness.

- Slight tingling sensation when touching some electrical appliances and devices.

- A whizzing sound when an electrical appliance is connected to a power source.

- Burning smell or smoke coming from an electrical device or connections.

Optimum Usage of Air Conditioners :

As air conditioning consumes more than 60% of the total consumed electric power, it is necessary, rather mandatory, to use capacities and sizes of air-conditioners, which best fit the size of the room. Each square meter needs about 800 BTUs in case the building is not insulated and 600 BTUs for the insulated building.

- It is preferred to have an air conditioning unit with high Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) having a high cooling capacity which lowers the cost of power consumption.

- Perform regular maintenance and routine cleaning of the unit at least once a year to keep them operating at peak efficiency as the accumulation of dust and sand reduce the unit’s efficiency.

- Cleaning of air filter, once biweekly, is required because it collects dust and sand which restrict the flow of hot air from the inside to outside of the room and thus increasing consumption as well as the cost of electricity.

- Provide shade for air conditioners and minimize its exposure to direct sunlight.

- Consider a moderate setting of 25 degrees Celsius to minimize the difference between the room temperature and the outside temperature.

- Keeping furniture away from air inlets of air conditioners.

- Use of insulated double-glazing where the isolation of external windows is supplementary to the building’s insulation.

The Use of Thermal Insulation :

There are many features that make thermal insulation of special importance in the construction of buildings, and some of them are :

- Reduction of consumed electric power used for cooling and heating.

- Reduction of air-conditioners' capacity and maintenance costs.

- Protection of building's structure from temperature fluctuations.

- Protection of furniture in the building.

- Achieving comfortable range for the inhabitants.

- Reduction of structural loads.

- Reduced noise level.

- Protection of the environment.

Reasons Behind Summer Bills Increase :

- Increases in electricity consumption for air conditioning leads to the next higher tariff bracket.

- Absence of thermal insulation in some houses.

- Failure to turn off the air-conditioners, lights, and other electrical appliances when you're away.