In line with on the Saudi Electricity Company's commitment towards 2030 Vision's objectives, especially related to renewable & sustainable power while supporting the National Economy by conserving natural resources and implementation of the Special Regulations of "the Small Scale Solar Power Systems" connected to the distribution system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was approved by "the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority" by the Administrative Decree No. (182) dated 04-11-1438 HJ, the Small Scale Solar Power Systems services have been launched. This includes initial applications for system installation for the eligible consumers as well as preliminary registration applications for Contractors, Consultants & Vendors of the PV systems. We will implement these regulations starting last quarter of 1439 AH (Mid of 2018). These applications should be considered preliminary for the time being and doesn't include any commitment from the Saudi Electricity Company till the official implementation is launched on 1st July 2018 according to the conditions and requirements of the above ECRA regulations. For more information Click here