Consumer Initial Inquiry Service Application
Application requirements

  • shall be a consumer of Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
  • has an exit point that meets the requirements of ECRA' Regulations and the Connection Conditions defined in the Distribution Code.
  • shall own or be entitled by owner via a lease contract or similar agreement to build and operate or be in legal possession of the premises.
  • shall pay an Application Fee
    shall select certified solar PV components.
  • shall select a certified solar PV Contractor/Consultant to carry out the design and installation works etc.
  • shall submit a complete application on an Initial Enquiry Application Form.
  • shall submit an evidence of material compliance with the Saudi or equivalent international standards (PV modules, inverters etc.); approved by SEC.
  • should provide all necessary information and documents regarding the proposed geographical location.
  • with capacities over 50 kW; to provide the detailed planning data listed in the Planning Code of the Distribution Code, to enable the SEC to carry out the required impact studies.
  • shall be within the permissible rated capacity i.e. the maximum connected capacity of small-scale solar PV system to be installed at any eligible consumer's premises shall not exceed the connected load for the consumption account.
  • shall be located in the premises of the eligible consumer
  • shall not exceed a capacity of 2 MW in one premises
    shall not exceed an aggregate capacity of 5 MW installed in different premises owned by the same eligible consumer in the area of supply at one Electricity Department.
  • shall not be less than 1 kW
    shall be connected to one exit point only in a single premises.
  • shall submit a Design Approval Application Form along with comprehensive set of documents and information.
  • shall pay solar PV Connection Fee
  • shall sign solar PV Connection Agreement
    submit an Inspection Application to the SEC
  • to pay solar PV Inspection Fee
  • to do commissioning tests by the certified contractor

After complete installation of solar PV system, eligible consumer to prepare a number of documents, including:

    • Specification of major equipment
    • Details of the protection arrangement and settings referred to in the Distribution Code.
    • Copies of all Safety Rules and instructions applicable to the eligible consumer's equipment at the exit point.
    • Electrical diagram of the eligible consumer's equipment at the exit point.
    • Proposed maintenance program for a small-scale solar PV systems with capacity exceeding 100 kW.
    • Commission test procedures for the exit point and the premises.
    • Site test reports, clearance and readiness for energization of the proposed exit point and equipment.
    • Any further information required by the SEC.

Required attachments:

  • A copy of the National Identity (ID) or Iqama & Passport for Non-Saudis.
  • A letter of identification from the Employer.
  • Authorization Letter (if the applicant is not the qualified consumer).
  • Financial Receipt (these amounts related to the initial inquiry shall be refunded by deducting from the conduction charges for the Scale Solar Power Systems.
  • Proof of the natural or the legal personality.
  • The Single line Diagram for the small Scale Solar Power Systems.

    Technical Data:

    Inverter data:
  • Manufacturer name & model number
  • Serial number (if applicable)
  • Nominal data (capacity) (kW / kVA) (voltage - current)

    Solar Power Systems:
  • The Design System Capacity (kW / kVA)
  • Reporting on the systems equipment & its conformity with the standards & specifications of the Saudi Standards, Metrology & Quality Organization.

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