In the process of promoting and developing the research program, SEC has established scientific chairs in Saudi universities and signed the following agreements :

1. SEC chair in “load management and raising the efficiency of electrical energy use”,  with the King Abdul Aziz University on 7/5/2008 valued at (5) million SAR, and lasting for a period of (4) years.

2. SEC chair in “The reliability and security of the electrical system”, with King Saud University on 25/5/2008, with value of (5) million SAR, and for a period of (4) years.

3. SEC chair in “Electrical protection and control”, with King Fahd University of Petroleum on 11/6/2008 with a value of (5) million SAR, and for a period of (4) years.

Through sponsoring scientific chairs, SEC seeks to :

1. Strengthen the role of the university in the field of electrical engineering (electrical power).

2. Conduct studies and research in the field of developmental electrical engineering, in general, with a focus on electric power and specialized concentrations related to research and studies in SEC network related problems.

3. Develop and evaluate academic university curriculum in the field of electrical engineering.

4. Contribute in teaching university students, topics related to electrical power engineering and applications, to attract engineers and to support SEC needs.

5. Organize seminars and symposia on a regular basis in the field of electrical power engineering for the benefit of SEC employees.

6. Update SEC employees with the latest technologies in the field by various means including: newsletters, articles, workshops, and training courses.

Scientific chairs activation :

The following specialized scientific workshops related to scientific chairs were held in 2009 :

 “Load management and raising the efficiency of the use of electric energy” – at King Abdul Aziz University/Jeddah.

 “Protection and control of the electric grid” - King Fahd University of Petroleum/Dhahran. More than (40) engineers attended from SEC, Aramco, and SABIC.

 “The reliability and security of the electrical system” - King Saud University/Riyadh.

The activation of these chairs led to directing some SEC employees to peruse their MSc dissertations to benefit and fit SEC interests and meanwhile align with chairs topics. Chairs’ related studies were published in specialized scientific journals and magazines and in conjunction with the meeting of the Research and Development First Scientific Conference that was held from 2-3/5/2010.

Moreover, and within SEC chair (the reliability and security of the electrical system) with King Saud University ( a workshop on smart grids was held at the headquarters of the city King Abdul Aziz City for Science during the period 8,9/1/2011, in conjunction with the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science, King Saud University, the Electricity Regulatory Commission and Cogeneration, the University of California, the University of Los Angeles, and SEC.

King Abdul Aziz University chair : “load management and raising the efficiency of electrical energy use”


1. Investigate effective methods and techniques to time shift peak loads.

2. Create public awareness of thermal insulation and electrical appliances efficiency.

3. Searching for solutions to arrive at optimal electrical consumption during the peak times.

4. Increase the efficiency of lighting and air-conditioning systems during peak hours.

5. Reduce the economic costs of electricity during peak times

6. Improve load curve.

Methodologies used in load management

1. Pricing Signals.

2. Curtailment mechanisms.

3. Demand Side and day-ahead bidding.

4. Emergency Measures.

5. Load Shifting.

6. Thermal Storage.

7. Efficient high capacity batteries.

8. Self-Generation.

Related activities

1. Issuing of first annual report  on 30/12/2009. The report states that load curve analysis of large SEC consumers was done. It outlines a novel proposal called (financial incentive to reduce loads summer) (SRBP). This represents a program proposed to stimulate large customers to manage their loads, by reducing them at peak times, based on an incentive scheme.

2. Holding the second workshop titled: “Load management - applications and challenges”, on 30/10/2010, under the patronage of the Vice President for projects Dr. Abdullah Pavel at the of King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, and the presence of Mr. Hans Erik the director of loads programs of the International Energy Agency, and the participation of SEC engineers, faculty members and students of the university, representatives of companies, and business men.

3. Holding the second panel discussion titled “improving the efficiency of energy use in buildings”, in June 2011, at the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah. The discussion focused on several issues including: replacing current building systems, control and change of lighting system, thermal insulation, adjusting heating and air conditioning systems, energy saving through redesign of housing. Discussions aims to support and enhance the university studies and role in the abovementioned topics such as to cover both residential, and industrial sectors.


The first training session related to this chair was held on 23/2/2011, at King AbdulAziz University - Jeddah in the presence of some SEC engineers and some university students. The following topics were covered :

1. Importance of Load management and electrical energy audits.

2. Assessing electricity tariff.

3. Explanation of financial incentive program associated with load reduction.


1. Implementation of proposed financial incentive program to reduce summer loads.

2. Provide sufficient information that allows the customer to better reduce his loads at peak times.

3. Present the economic impact on the customer resulting from the program implementation

4. Evaluate the response of customers to the proposed program.

King Saud University chair : “The reliability and security of the electrical system”

This chair contributes to strengthening the partnership between SEC and the university through benefits that can be achieved for the Kingdom including :

1. Improve demand forecasting.

2. Assess powers system reliability.

3. Introduce improvements to enhance power system security.

4. Improve SEC customers quality of service.

5. Minimize faults and interruptions, and enhance system safety and reliability.

6. Increase scientific benefits to SEC and its staff.


1. Team forming from SEC and the university.

2. Prepare the Action Plan.

3. Prepare workplace and prepare necessary equipment.

4. Equip work laboratory within the college of engineering at the university.

5. Work visits to international technical and research centers.

6. Support research team through proper recruitment.

7. Supervise and care about postgraduate students.

8. Produce scientific publications.

9. Apply technical studies and research projects.

10. Supervise under graduate students.

11. Provide consulting services to SEC.

12. Hold seminars, workshops and training sessions on a quarterly basis.

13. Prepare media and information materials.

14. Make contacts, hold interviews and attend meetings.


1. A workshop was held at King Saud University- Riyadh, and the following topics were discussed : static security assessment, kinetic evaluation of secure and safe boundaries of operation, and economic integration of system security. The workshop enabled electrical engineers to adapt to practical aspects such as using computer to arrive at a safe electrical system. It also provided participants about new directions in the industry and the security of the system.

2. A workshop entitled ”Energy Efficiency between the aspirations and challenges” was held at King Saud University on 10/5/2011. The workshop reviewed several aspects of cooperation between SEC and the university in the field of energy efficiency in the Kingdom. A public lecture, entitled “Saudi Center for Energy Efficiency between aspirations and challenges” was presented where various stages of center finding and multiple aspects its partnership with stakeholders and various obstacles and challenges facing it were discussed.

3. A lecture about “The evolution of the quality of electric power and the challenges of hardware support renewable energy integration within the same natural pollution level network” was presented  by Canadian expert Professor Kamal Haddad on 31/5/2011.

4. A training session about the “reactive power” was held at King Saud University during  17,18/4/2012  by Professor AbdulAti Idris  who works as a consultant with Quanta Technology in Auckland - California-USA management.

5. Announcements in international conferences and journals were .

6. The work of the bulletins at international conferences.

7. Currently,  some engineering related books are subject to translation from English to Arabic

8. A book entitled (Engineering Ethics) is to be authored which  contains several chapters that lineup with the principles of Islam. It is anticipated that this book be used as a reference textbook by SEC engineers.

King Fahd University of Petroleum chair : “Electrical protection and control”

1. Holding several seminars, workshops and short courses.

2. Holding of three academic semesters.

3. Conducting research projects.

4. Preparing and submitting a proposal on the establishment of an integrated power system protection laboratory to be used in both research and educational training.

5. Forming and supervising graduate students committees.

6. Holding a scientific course in the protection and control of power systems at King Fahd University of Petroleum Dhahran, and more than (40) engineers from SEC,  Aramco and SABIC has attended.