The Saudi Electricity Company is committed to carry out its duties and responsibilities towards its customers, shareholders, and the society in general with honesty and integrity, and in accordance with regulations in force. Therefore, the Company asks all its employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities with the utmost degree of honesty and integrity. To achieve this end, the Company has decided to adopt this document in order to maintain and enhance the standard of honesty and integrity in the performance of all its works in all activities, as well as combating any unethical behavior in all levels.

Principles and Values :

- Employees must adhere to the following ethical standards when performing the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by the Company.

Honesty :

- Avoidance of any behavior that prejudices honor or honesty of speech, reporting or action.

Legality :

- Adherence to rules and regulations and the existing Company policies and commitment to the powers granted by law or regulation.

Relation with Others :

- Working on the establishment of positive relationships, while dealing with all employees and customers inside and outside the Company for the benefit of the work. Working with colleagues in team spirit to refrain from provocations, harassment and racial discrimination, and respect the privacy of others.

Avoiding works that lead to conflict of interests :

- All employees must refrain from competing with the Company in any form or doing any work that may cause conflict between their personal interests and the company's business. Conflict of interests arises when the responsibilities and duties of the job contradicts with the economic interest of the employee or his family members (spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, the in-laws, and any person resides with the employee in the same household with exception to domestic workers and servants).

The employee must also avoid undertaking of any economic or professional activities, outside the company, for his personal benefit, as that may trigger suspicion of conflict between personal and company’s interests. Nevertheless, not all activities deemed to cause such a conflict of interest. However, the disclosure of these activities is always necessary to avoid occurrence of the seemingly interests-conflict.

Refraining from abuse of company’s property :

- All employees should refrain from abusing or unauthorized using of company’s property. They also should restrict the use of the company property and working time to the work of the company alone. Employees are not allowed to benefit from any opportunity or gains that may arise from the use of the company’s assets or information, or by virtue of their jobs, for their own benefits.

Commitment to Work Time :

- All employees must adhere to the attendance and leaving time specified in the work timetable. They are not to leave the premises during official working hours without prior permission or coordination with their work superiors, in order to save the working time and spare the Company and its customers any damage due to lack of commitment to working time.

Refraining from giving / accepting gifts from / to for the reason of work:

- All employees must refrain from taking or giving any cash amounts, gifts, recreation programs for them or their relatives, or from/to any person, company, institution that has work relationship with the Saudi Electricity Company, excluding symbolic gifts such as publications, diaries, advertisement materials of negligible financial value.

Maintaining Company Secrets :

- Employees may not disclose information of commercial, financial, or competitive value deemed confidential without explicit authorization from the company. Likewise; they are not to disclose confidential information pertaining to customers, participants or investors without prior permission by the company officials. Also, they are not allowed to give or leak any statistics or reports to representatives of newspapers or other media channels without prior permission by the company.

Seriousness and Dedication :

- Company staff are required to perform the required works with perfection and exactness through comprehension of all matters relevant to work , participation in quality programs, and utilization of advance technology for the improvement and development of performance.

Justice and Equality :

- All employees should adhere to the principles of justice and equality when dealing with subordinates, colleagues and people with whom they have business relationship inside or outside the company.

Preservation of the Environment :

- The Company considers the employee as a partner responsible in honoring its policies for protection and preservation of the environment.

Commitment to Safety Principles :

- The Company considers the employee as a  partner responsible for honoring the its policies, commitment to the principles of safety, public health, adoption of work rules, application of safety instructions that warrant safety, maintenance of public health, and assistance in providing services to the people without intermittence.

Commitment to the Company Principles and Values Document :

The Company asks all employees to adhere to the implementation of all items of this document and emphasizes the need to follow the following steps :

- Identification of the values stated in the document, clarification of their purposes, goals, and continued review of the implementation and commitment to them knowhow in a complete manner.

- Commitment to the implementation of the document's items and monitoring that implementation in the work scope and reporting cases where violations might occur to the direct superiors.

- All employees should be mindful that implementation of the document is mandatory with no exception for anybody.

- Occupants of supervisory positions in the Company shall receive all reports on the violations of the Work Ethics Rules by the Company employees and they shall be accountable for the application and implementation of these rules each within his area of responsibility.​​