Vision :

Integration of the environmental, economical, and community issues into the Company's cultural and economic values, and its operations and decisions in all levels of administration in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

Mission :

We adhere to our responsibility for providing care, products and services to our employees, customers, and the community efficiently and with the best possible quality of performance.

We are quite confident that :

Ultimately, our activities will take root and its quality will improve when accompanied by a societal behavior based on addressing certain issues.

Moreover :

We are certain and aware that our social behavior affects others as much as we are affected by the social behavior of others.

We recognize that :

We have a wide-boundaries supply chain and multi-parties value chain, and our initiative concerning the social responsibility should take into consideration the parties of that chain.

Our Principles :

- Dealing with transparency : We disclose and explain our decisions and activities sufficiently, and the potential effects of those decisions on the economy, environment and community.

- Avoid involvement: We are keen not to get involved (legally or illegally) in any matter that may lead to any violation relating to the community, economy and environment.

- Accept accountability: We respond to inspection, auditing and accountability in the legal framework by individuals or entities affected by our decisions or concerned about that in the future.

Our Initiatives :

They are built based on the latest performance indexes. We shall engage all the stakeholders in formulating them since they are originally directed to them.

We always :

Designing fixed tools to review our progress in the area of social responsibility and permanently improve our performance.

We shall take into consideration the following matters :

Human rights - Work practices - Environmental issues - Operational practices - Community development - Customers issues.

Internally, we shall concentrate on :

(An excellent environment for employees and suitable work conditions).

We make sure that all activities concerning the employees are free from any anti-social or unfair conducts.

We deeply look into :

Employment impartiality - Work conditions - Health and safety - Training and development.

We will encourage those dealing with us, such as suppliers, contractors and others to adopt the same behavior.

In this context and apart from the legal commitment :

- We confirm that we have not benefited from any detrimental work-related practices performed for us by partners who violate the abovementioned rights.

- While conducting contractual processes, we make sure that we deal only with suppliers and contractors who adhere to legal and social conduct in their labor practices.

- We respect the familial responsibilities of the workers and create a balance between work and healthy life.

In our relations with partners :

- We build our relationship with others based on social and moral conduct that may well reach the highest levels of mutual respect.

- We have the ambition to prepare a Code of Conduct Document for the company and for the parties that share with us in providing any task and to ensure that this document establishes a culture for us and for others as well.

The Document will include :

Combating corruption - Respect for property rights - Enhancement of responsibility in the value chain - Fair competition.

In our relationship with the customer :

Because we are dealing with a Customers who is benefiting from our services, we have analyzed issues which should be taken into consideration within our social responsibility chain toward the customer.

We admit that the customer has the right to :

- Safety and security by providing safe services.

- Compensation : by fair settlement of complaints and claims.

- Improving the technologies : by developing and facilitating mechanisms to have access to our services.

- Respecting his/her privacies : by taking security measure to guarantee that his/her data are reserved.

In our environmental behavior :

We believe that some of our activities are anticipated  (or unanticipated) to have an environmental effect. We shall work to reduce this effect as much as possible through identification and registration of the occurring pollution sources and resulting wastes, and our attempts to reduce them.

We shall deeply consider :

Attempts to prevent contamination - Sustainable use and purchase - Environment protection and restoration of the natural environment - Reducing the severity of climate changes - Introduction of mechanism for environmental complaints.

In the Company's relations with the community :

Since the community development is an integral part of sustainable development in any country, we are keen to build a distinguished relationship with all categories and segments of the community. We further care for a long-term relationship with the community.

We assure that :

We never aim to strengthen the core-operational activities of the Company from any social activity, but rather we design community initiatives away from the issue of expected return to the firm.

Company's relationship with the community :

We do our best in order to :

- Understand the community's characteristics, its culture, and historical qualities before we introduce any initiative.

- Engage the community in designing initiatives and explore all the expectations.

- Paying more attention to the vulnerable groups (Elderly, illiterates, the poor and disabled).

- Seek to work professionally and create meaningful and influential initiatives, because we believe that there are modern sources and trends in social responsibility.