Conclusion of the “First Clean Energy Forum” in Jeddah by Review of International Experiments on Clean Energy and Fuel Additives

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On Thursday, 30/11/2017, the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has concluded activities of the “First Clean Energy Forum” in Jeddah which was organized by the company over two days under the title of “Clean Energy & Fuel Additives”. The forum was attended by a selection of manufacturers, suppliers, and specialists in technologies of fuel additives and combustion enhancers from around the world in addition to participation of over two hundred specialists and experts from several government entities, companies and universities in KSA. The forum conducted debates around working papers, scientific researches and successful technical and technological experiments in this field over five sessions. Engineer Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Tuaimi, Executive Vice President for Power Generation at the Saudi Electricity Company, highlighted that sessions of the forum have witnessed high attendance of specialists and officials including H.E. Dr. Khalil bin Musleh Al-Thaqafi, General President of Meteorology & Environmental Protection, and H.E. Dr. Hadi bin Ali bin Mohammad Al Salim Al-Yami, Shura Council Member. The sessions reviewed and discussed “twenty” working papers and technical researches over five scientific sessions presented by a group of leading international executives and experts, stressing that the forum was a real opportunity to exchange scientific experiences and technical experiments on the latest technologies used in generation of clean electric energy that takes into consideration environmental norms and standards and treatment of traditional fuel as part of strategy of the company for implementing Kingdom’s vision 2030. Al-Tuaimi also pointed out that the first session, chaired by Engineer Abdulghani Nojoum, Head of the Western Sector for Generation at Saudi Electricity Company, was rich in by various working papers, where Mr. Oliver Blumenstein, CEO of Pentol German Company, talked about the modern environment-friendly technology related to generation of electric energy which focuses on the mentioned aspects of high tech for fuel treatment as well as control technologies and in particular that reduction of the environment impact represents large value added to the innovative technologies that should be taken into consideration. Jean Pierre Stadler, Chief Engineer at Turbotech Company and member of the International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI), discussed the idea of inhibiting corrosion at high temperature of vanadium in gas turbines, introducing a comprehensive overview of considerations related to design and operational aspects involved in crude oil and heavy fuel projects. On his part, Mr. Paul Fuana, Chief Technical Consultant at Liquid Minerals Group LTD, and Glen Gortzen, CEO of the Company reviewed leadership of Liquid Minerals Group LTD in the field of chemicals and control of fuel performance for gas turbines that are added in order to enhance performance. Also, Engineer Rayan Maddah, Director of Localization and Improvement at Saudi Electricity Company, addressed the strategy and experiment of the company in localizing the substances utilized in energy sector and enhancing thereof. At the second session, chaired by Engineer Safar Hajran, Head of the Southern Sector for Generation at Saudi Electricity Company, Mr. Michael Flitchinger, Technical Director at U.S. Chemtura Company, reviewed applications and products of Chemtura Company. Mr. Salim, Business Development Director at Sun Chemical Company, presented general presentation on usage of additive fuel at electricity generation plants. Mr. Ahmad Ali Mohammad Oris, Head of Laboratory, discussed habilitation of chemical fuel additives. Mr. Orazio Ilario, Technical Consultant at the British Nalco Company, addressed Nalco’s program of fuel, reduction of wastes, and the increase of efficiency at electricity generation plants. The third session, chaired by Engineer Mohammad Al-Anzi, Head of the Eastern Sector for Generation at Saudi Electricity Company, included a number of important scientific papers where Mr. Ian Watson, Technical Director at U.S. Baker Hughes Company, discussed the issue of observing performance of fuel management solutions to achieve operational efficiency of heavy fuel oil, introducing an overview of operational problems related to combustion of heavy fuel oil and discussing solution of observing the overall performance. Engineer Swatanatra Comar, CEO of international India ALA Chemicals Company talked about thermal combustion catalyst. Mr. Thomas Parish, CEO of T.H.O.S addressed the topic of treatment of fuel and enhancing combustion. Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Saeed, Head of Purchase Department at Saudi Electricity Company in Riyadh, discussed in a working paper the strategic notions of inventory and purchases. On the second day of the forum, the fourth session, chaired by Engineer Fahad bin Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi, Head of a Section at the ninth plant, discussed a working paper presented by Mr. Manifascam Manifanan, Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Farabi Petrochemicals Company on introduction of the project of Farabi Petrochemicals Company. The session also discussed another paper presented by Mr. Orazio Ilario, Technical Consultant at the British Nalco Company, on the program of DTRSAR3 for boilers and advanced observation of corrosion. Mr. Nil Ashfold, Head of Chemical Research and Development at Turbotech Company/Rawabi discussed an important paper on gas turbine compressors and their cleanliness. Mr. Antonio Merabel concluded the session by discussing a working paper on Vision 2030 of KSA and efficiency of energy generation system. The fifth and last session, chaired by Engineer Abdulrahman Al-Amoudi, Director of Shouaiba Plant, discussed a working paper presented by Dr. Bahaa Suleiman, Director of Engineering at General Electric Company, and Mr. Chrishna Calaga, Director of Engineering at General Electric Company/ KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) about cooperation between General Electric Company and the Saudi Electricity Company. The last working paper at the forum presented by Mr. Erick Quick, Director of International Business Development at Dorf Ketal Chemical Substances Company about crude oil. More than two hundred companies, universities, and government departments, participated in the forum including a number of Saudi universities such as King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), besides the General Authority of Meteorology & Environmental Protection, represented by H.E. General President of Meteorology & Environmental Protection as well as a number of relevant companies and institutions in the Kingdom such as Al Shuqaiq Water and Electricity Company, Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company, and the authorized suppliers of fuel additives in the Kingdom.