Clothing of joy: SEC distributes 150,000 pieces of clothing, shoes and games to 3,000

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The SEC sponsors the "Joy clothing" program to distribute more than 150,000 pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and games for free to about three thousand families in Riyadh. The program, organized by Ehtewaa and Bonyan charities, started on Wednesday 30/05/2018 through Saturday 2/6/2018. The company pointed out that the program aims to provide Eid Al Fitr clothes for families in need through free shopping, and in an attractive and lovable way that cares about the privacy standards. A trained volunteer team accompany families to a makeshift market with different shops of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and games. Sponsoring the "Joy clothing" program is part of the company's efforts to promote social responsibility projects and programs, which will contribute to the support of all segments of society and encourage the spirit of solidarity and giving and promote the concept of volunteer work. More than 800 volunteers are involved in the program that provides social and legal counseling and medical examination services free of charge for families at the market. The success of the program for the seventh year in a row has motivated the company to participate in its activities over four days during the holy month of Ramadan., The SEC said. The company highlighted its efforts in the field of volunteering and charitable work over the past years, and said it intensifies the support of the programs of solidarity and charity work in the month of Ramadan each year in cooperation with specialized institutions and charities. The Saudi Electricity Company also participates in the distribution of one million Iftar meals in Ramdan organized by the Social Responsibility Club at King Saud University. It has also sponsored the Ramadan basket convoy in cooperation with the Charity Association for food (Etaam) to provide 2000 food baskets for needy families in Riyadh, Mecca, the Eastern Region and Asir. ​