SEC Staff Donate Over SAR491k to Assir Orphanage

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Staff at the Saudi Electricity Company donated more than SAR491,000 to the Assir Orphan Society Aaba. As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programs, employees wanted to give away part of their monthly paychecks to general and special charities. From the beginning of the year through the end September, employees donated more than SAR3.7 million to charities in the Kingdom. Their donations were up 17 percent from the same period of last year, in which they donated more than SAR3.1 million. The employee donation program is one of many of SEC’s CSR programs that give members of the staff the opportunity to give back to society by setting aside some of their pay to charities, to help them fulfil their projects and programs. To facilitate their participation, the company set up a page on its internal site through which employees may see which charities they can donate to and what they do. They can then choose which charities they want to donate part of their paychecks to. Among the many charities that benefit from the program are Quran memorization societies, health awareness initiatives, orphanages, food preservation drives, women’s societies, Dawah and guidance bureaus, and many others. Khayrokom was the charity that benefited the most from employee donations, followed by the volunteer-based Zam Zam Health Care Society, and Aaba in Assir.