After an interim of absence during which we haven’t seen you in the quality forum, now we ignite the spark of enthusiasm and energy to communicate with you through this event which is a source of pride for the Saudi Electricity company because of its continuity since 1996 when it was first launched in Dammam until it reached its seventeenth edition which will take place in November 2017 in our beloved capital, Riyadh. The forum has witnessed several steps and developments that turned it into an international forum that has speakers from advanced and leading countries in the topics of each forum.
The forum slogan this year is in harmony with the kingdom’s plan and its promise of bright future and good life to the citizens of this generous country and all those who live on its good blessed lands. This will be achieved through the ambitious vision of 2030 and the dreams of the coming generations that sincerely make every effort to achieve it.
Therefore, the forum’s slogan came out to confirm The Company’s trend and its compliance with the kingdom’s policy to support and promote creativity on both the personal and the organizational levels.
As a result, the slogan of the forum came out to be “Creativity …… The strategy to achieve the kingdom’s vision 2030”


Promoting the kingdom’s vision 2030 through highlighting the importance of creativity in supporting strategic transformations:
- making use of the enormous potentials and energies of youth to push the development wheel.
- Exchanging experiences and knowledge with the concerned parties inside and outside the kingdom.