Contracting Sector is dedicated to provide its business partners clear and risk free contracts on time and at competitive costs by applying fair procurement practices.

To our dear Contractor :

To participate in a bidding on any new SAP announced contracts, please follow the steps below :

-   Download prequalification document from PQQ Folder.

-   Upload prequalification document in PQQ Folder.

-   Confirm that you have uploaded the pre-qualification documents.

You can also download Bid Package, Questions & Answers and Addendum online by accessing the Bidder Portal.

In order to improve the services provided for you, please coordinate directly with the proponent department regarding the following :

- Approval of application requests for​ additional manpower for both main and subcontractors.

- Concurring Identification Card requests for both Main contractors and Subcontractors.

- Filling the Contractor Classification Questionnaire issued from the Contractors Classification Agency.