We thank you very much for your interest. It is our honor and privilege to introduce ourselves to you. The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is a specialized company in the fields of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of electric power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to better serve you, we request that you please take a moment to peruse the following information regarding our registration and prequalification processes :

1- Registering your company with SEC :

Before you can prequalify your establishment for any project with SEC, you will need to make sure that you are properly registered with SEC Contractingby Vendor No. Registration is a very quick procedure. All you need to do is to visit the following link: Registration Page

Please supply the necessary information by filling in the relevant fields, and click "Submit". The information you submit will be reviewed. Once verified, you will then receive confirmation email. You will also receive your Username and password, which you will need to enter into the Contracting pages to utilize many of the Contracting Sectors' services, including prequalification.

2- Prequalifying your company for work with SEC :

After registering, you are now ready to prequalify your establishment for SEC's projects. Please visit Bidder Portal to download the Prequalification documents depending on your line of expertise, please choose from the Generation, Transmission, or Distribution projects prequalification documents in the below RFX Number :

RFX No. (4000016270) - Transmission Projects
RFX No. (4000021747) - Distribution Projects
RFX No. (4000021777) - Power Generation Projects
RFX No. (4000024563) - Generation Operations Projects
RFX No. (4000054450) - Renewable Energy Power Project
RFX No. (4000054759) - Industrial Security Projects
RFX No. (4000057335) - small scale solar Power system contracts
RFX No. (4000057304) - small scale solar Power system consultation

For the RFx announced please visit the Announcement in the next link : Contracting Announcement

  • If your expertise covers more than one line of work (e.g. both generation and transmission), please feel free to prequalify your company in both fields.
  • Please carefully fill in the necessary information covered in Paragraph II (Contractor Information) and aragraph III (Submittal Checklist).
  • You will find in the Guides page, guidance manuals for how to register and retrieve the password and download prequalification documents and how to upload it to the system, as well as how to download the tender documents and receipt of explanatory correspondence electronically. 

- If you are not legally registered in Saudi Arabia, you can contact the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA). Their website is : Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority

- Please do not hesitate to contact the person described in the first paragraph if you have any questions or concerns, or to follow up the prequalification of your establishment.

Again, we thank you for your interest, and we look forward to empowering the relationship.