Saudi Arabia is experiencing a tremendous expansion of industrial and real estate sectors and accompanied by a massive increase in the need for electric power energy due to the essential  role of the electric power in the development and growth in all areas of life. This huge demand of the electrical power bodes market demand for large investments in the field of electric power and its support services industry.

Saudi Electricity Company focused on national industries since the first day of its founding, and has struggled with manufacturers and investors to build a strategic relationship based on mutual interests and the principle Win - Win and resulted in the construction of several factories and increase production lines and reached 65​% of the purchases of materials from local factories.  As we constantly strive to improve this ratio and support manufacturers to increasing foreign competition.

Saudi Electricity Company has been working continuously  to increase their local content value and support the manufacturers to increase competition with foreign factories. At the beginning of 2013 SEC formed  a specialized team  to study the localization in SEC and create strategic plane to the improve local content and to attract more manufacturers and investors to build their factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia authorities.