Saudi Electricity Company is spending  great efforts to support and encourage local manufacturing as the summary efforts shown  below :

- Provide manufacturers with the necessary data for the feasibility studies.

- Publication of five-year plan for SEC's needs of  the distribution of materials well as the technical specifications required on the company's  web site.

- Sharing of  preparing the specifications of materials and equipment with local manufacturers.

- Hold regular meetings with local manufacturers to open channels of communication and reach to optimum solutions for the obstacles & problems.

- Signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Royal Commission in Yanbu and BAHRI Co. to support the localization of manufacturing industries.

- Signing of a memorandum of understanding with the MODEN  to support the localization of manufacturing industries (in progress).

- Cooperation and coordination with Saudi Aramco in their project of localization of electrical industries within the Energy City which they planned to build in the Eastern Province.

- Participate the manufacturers workshops with them to implement mechanisms or procedures related to the development of new methods of work.

The resultant of these efforts, Evolution of the number of local manufacturers (61) factories dealing with SEC in 2001 to  (214) factories by the end of 2015​.