Account Number

It is the reference number for all bills issued by the company to each customer. All financial processes related to the customer are registered in it. Examples are bill issuance, reconciliations, payments, connection fees, and meter insurance amount. The customer’s account number facilitates easy access to information about any dues (to/from him), advance payment amount, average value of the monthly consumption, bills’ history, disconnection notices, number of actual disconnections, and the source of other information about the customer or his meter.


Due Amount

It is the amount due for the cost of electricity consumption, meter service fee, and the previous balance (if any) which must be paid by the customer.

Payment Deadline

It is the date specified by the company within which to pay the bill, either at the company offices or at the banks so that the paid amounts will no longer appear in the next bill.

Electricity Disconnection Date

It is listed in case of "no-commitment" by the customer to pay the bill on payment due date printed on it; the electric service is disconnected partially until the amount is paid to the company.


Disconnection Notification Service

Customer is notified of service disconnection date due to nonpayment of bill.


Breaker Capacity

It is the endurance of the switch that controls the load connected to the customer’s meter which automatically disconnects the current once the load exceeds what is permitted for the customer or at the time of breakdowns in order to protect the network of the company and the customer.


A number used to calculate the total consumption and is for meters with current transformers. It is determined as per the type of meter and current transformers capacity.

Consumption Quantity

It is the actual amount of electricity consumed measured in kilowatt hour (kWh).

Total Consumption

The total amount of customer's electricity consumption for one meter or more.

Consumption value (Amount)

It represents the amount due in Saudi Riyal calculated by multiplying each segment of tariff in Halalah by the amount of electricity consumption in kWh.

Meter Service

The company charges appropriate fixed amounts for each specific breaker capacity installed in the subscriber’s estate against the reading and maintenance of the meter and billing in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers.

Current Cycle Dues

It is the payable value for the consumption of the present period added to the meter service (meter charges) tariff.

Previous Balance

It is the amount due which remained unpaid until the issuance date of the current bill.

The Tax

Is one of the public consumption tax types, which is imposed on most of the goods and services that are purchased or sold, including the electrical services.

Number of Days

Is the consumption days from the date of the previous meter reading until the date of the current meter reading.


Awareness Messages

Awareness messages and guidelines directed to customers of Saudi Electricity Company.


The Start and the End of the Cycle

It is the time period (from/to) during which the actual consumption (kWh) took place.


Telephone Inquiry

It is an audio inquiry system in both Arabic and English languages for service request and electricity bills.

Emergency Telephone

Receives phone calls round-the-clock and handles requests related to power interruptions due to nonpayment of the bills, disconnection, and reconnection of the electric current as per subscriber’s request. Receives calls/reports from the general public as regards power interruption, burned out power meters and electrical equipment, and handles request when coordination with the Civil Defense Directorate is needed when a fire breaks out.


Consumption Rate

Consumption rates are classified into different categories and each category has a special tariff rate.


Additional Bill Details

Detailed data for electrical service.


The Company ID Number

Reference tax number for the company registration certificate in the General Authority for Zakat and Income.