We always seek to scale up our services level to provide you the best degree of comfort and ease. The bill payment is among those services we seek to improve and develop that will save you time and effort. Thus, you may choose to pay by any of the following methods of payment :

Phone Banking :

If you are a subscriber to a phone banking service with your bank, dial your bank's phone banking number, select "Electricity Bills Payment," and enter the account number written on your bill.


By using an ATM card at your bank's ATM machine, select the "Electricity Bills Payment" option and enter the account number written on your bill.​

Internet :

Visit your bank's web site, click on the button that says "Bills payment" and select "Electricity bils payment". This option will require you to have a subscription to your bank's online services.



Bank Authorization :

By authorizing your bank, the bill amount will be directly deducted from your bank account.


Checks :
Certified bank checks are acceptable for bill payment.

Point of Sale :

Bills payment can be made through "Point of Sale (POS)", which is available in all SEC customer service offices.