Saudi Electricity Company's SMS service keeps the subscribers always connected to their accounts with the SEC, wherever they may be. Through the SMS service subscribers can do the following:


1-Inquiring and receiving information about the consumption bills.

2- Be reminded about payment.

3- Payment notifications.

4- Scheduled outages.

5- Guidance and awareness messages.


To subscribe to this service, we hope that you fill-in the application below:

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It is a free service offered to keep the customer constantly connected with his account in the Company from any location. Through this service, the customer can inquire or receives information about:

- Consumption Bills.

- Payment Reminder.

- Payment Notification.

- Scheduled Outage.

- Guidance and Awareness Messages.

How to register with the service:

You can register from your mobile by sending the account number shown in the bill  via SMS once to the number (500120).

The service code is:

Text Message


Account number

Inquiry and registration in Arabic

# 9 Account number

Registration in English

# 1 Account number

Edit the account registered in the service​

# 2 Account number


You may also register via ALKHARABA app on smart devices.