Meet your new smart meter!

Our smart meters are at the heart of our Smart Metering Project, our premier Digital Transformation project. 

It’s the core of our strategy for even better services. 

Our voyage towards 10,000,000 smart meters installed all over the Kingdom is but the first step to a smart digital experience. 

And 35% of them will proudly be made in Saudi Arabia.

The Smart Metering Project will go through three phases: The first phase is replacing the old, mechanical meters with new, smart ones; in the second phase, the new meters will be connected to a telecommunications grid and in the third phase, they will be tied into the company’s billing system and smartphone apps will be lunched.

Smart meters offer a fully automated billing process, from the moment the meter is read to the moment the bill is issued. 

Customers will be able to monitor their consumption, in real time, any time, and obtain granular information that will help them improve their power usage patterns. 

It’s a promising project of ours that will drive nationwide development and power the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 towards an even brighter future.