The company has made available SMS service to keep the subscriber always connected to his account with the company, wherever he is, through this service the subscriber can do the following:


1-Inquiring and receiving information about the consumption bills.

2- Be reminded about payment.

3- Payment notifications.

4- Scheduled outages.

5- Guidance and awareness messages.


To subscribe to this service, we hope that you fill-in the application below:

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It is a free service offered to keep the customer constantly connected with his account in the Company from any location. Through this service, the customer can inquire or receives information about:

- Consumption Bills.

- Payment Reminder.

- Payment Notification.

- Scheduled Outage.

- Guidance and Awareness Messages.

How to register for the service:

You can register from your mobile by sending the account number shown in the bill  via SMS once to the number (500120).

The service code is:

Text Message


Account Number

Inquiry and Registration in Arabic

# 9 Account Number

Registration in English

# 1 Account Number

Edit the Account Registered in the Service

# 2 Account Number


You may also register via ALKHARABA app on smart devices.