Fadhili Project:

This project is a joint venture cogeneration power project between Saudi Electricity Company and Saudi ARAMCO at the new Fadhili gas plant located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. The project will be based on the build, own, operate and transfer system (BOOT) and the agreement will be for a period of 20 years.

Percentage of ownership in this project is 60% shared by Saudi Electricity Company and Saudi Aramco and 40% by the winning developer.

Project details:

The project is located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom near Fadhili (FGP), 30 kilometers south of Khursaniyah gas plant and 50 kms from Jubail.

Productive capacity of the cogeneration project:

• Total electricity produced about 1,300 to 1,600 MW.

• Steam producer and exporter of gas to the Fadhli Gas Plant (FGP) (quantity 3.1 PPH).

• Fuel is "Low BTU Gas" estimated at approximately 475 MMSCFD (complete field production at Khurasaniah).

• The amount of backup fuel (sales gas) is estimated at approximately 300 MMSCF.

• Commercial operation of the project is expected in February, 2020.

Shoaiba Project (3) :

This project comes within the framework of a chain of projects to be implemented on the basis of "Build, Own, and Operate" (BOO) contracts. SEC's share amounts to 8% while the private sector contributes up to 60% and the Public Investment Fund contributes the remaining 32% of the value of the project. We will undertake the implementation of the transmission lines to export electricity to the Western Region while SWCC will undertake construction of pipelines and pumping plants for water transport. The project will serve and meet the water needs of the following cities: Makkah Al-Mukarama, Jeddah, Taif, and Baha; and will also support the electric grid of the Western Region.

Components of the Project :

Water Desalination Plant:

  • Will produce 880,000 cubic meters (194 million gallons) daily.
  • Operates with multi-stage-flash evaporation technology.
  • Consists of 12 desalination units (evaporators).

Power Station:

  • Produces 900 megawatts of electricity.
  • Operates with light liquid fuel.
  • Uses back-pressure steam turbines.

  • The capital cost of the project is SR 9,375 million ($ 2,500 million) while the cost of its development amounts to SR 9 billion. The local and international banks will finance 80% of the total cost.
    Crude oil is used as fuel in Shoaiba 3 Project. The international environmental conservation standards are observed according to the requirements of the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment as well as the specifications set forth by the World Bank and the other relevant principles.

    Characteristics and features of the Project:
  • It is considered as the largest co-production project in the world in terms of financial funding which amounts to SR 7,029 million (US$ 1,875 million).
  • The largest project of its type in the Gulf region.
  • The project has been granted a grace period of 20 years as well as the maximum allowable grace period for the exports funding corporations in Germany and Korea.
  • It is compliant with the local and international environmental requirements as well as those of the World Bank.
    These characteristics and features are the first of its kind in joint venture  projects undertaken in partnership with the private sector, which confirm the success of these projects and open the door for further investment projects in the electricity sector.​