Customer Service

​1How the bill is calculated?

- Category Consumption will be calculated based on the daily consumption rate in order to preserve the rights of the customers and the Company in case the consumption period (30 days) changed. Calculation of the consumption days as per the following equation :

1000 ÷ 30 = 33.33 kWh per day per category 

Meaning that if the consumption period of 32 days, the category calculation is: 

32 × 33.33 = 1,067 kWh 

And if the consumption period is 28 days, category calculation is: 

28 × 33.33 = 933 kWh

2What shall I do when the power goes out?​​

Power outage during daytime
- In case Power outage during daytime, occur mainly due to overloads, electrical short circuit, non-payment of bill, failure in the public network caused by digging and the like or maintenance activities of short duration undertaken by the Company. Thus, we recommend the following procedures:
1. Turn off electrical appliances that draw large amounts of energy such as air-conditioners and other appliances. Reducing the loads on the network will help accelerate electric power restoration and prevent damage to appliances from a power surge when power is restored. Leaving a light on will let you know when the power has returned.
2. Check the circuit breakers in the distribution panel and if any breaker is in the "OFF" position; try to return it to the "ON" position to restore the current. However, if the circuit breaker is disconnected again, then may be a short circuit is causing it. In this case, do not tamper with electrical wirings, sockets, and plugs. Call a professional electrician to repair the fault.
3. If the circuit breakers are ON, then this may mean that the electricity service has been disconnected due to a general breakdown or maintenance in the general network orthe service has been disconnected by the Company due tononpayment of the electric consumption bills.
4. In case it is known that the service disconnectionis due to failure to pay the bills on time, then the customer must pay the arrears and call the company's branch at the unified number 920001100 to resume the service.
5.If the circuit breakers inside the house and those in the company’s meter box are in the ON position, then the cause of the power interruption is either due to a general breakdown or a maintenance work on the network. In this case, please call emergency number 933 and provide them with the details of account number, meter number, and the house location.

Power outage during nighttime
- In the event of a power outage during nighttime, this might be due to overloads, electric short circuit, or a fault in the public network. Thus, we recommend the following procedures:
1. Try to turn off the electrical appliances that draw large amounts of energy such as air conditioners and appliances. Reducing the loads on the network will help accelerate electric power restoration and prevent damage to appliances from a power surge when power is restored. Leaving a light on will let you know when the power is has returned. 
2. To make sure that the disconnection involves only your house or a part thereof, or it is a general power interruption, check to see if the streetlights or neighboring houses have power.
3. If the disconnection is restricted to your house or any part thereof, then this may be a result of an overload or a short circuit.
4. Checking the circuit breakers in the distribution panel and if any breaker is in the OFF position, then try to return it to the ON position to restore the current. However, if the circuit breaker is off again, then may be a short circuit is causing it. In this case, do not tamper with electrical wirings, sockets, and plugs. Call a professional electrician to repair the fault.
5. If the disconnection is general, please call the Emergency Office at telephone number 933.
6.Secure a rechargeable torch for emergencies and use it as a flashlight.

3What are the service restoration procedures after disconnection due to unpaid bills?

The company restores electricity service in due time, to customers whose electric service has been disconnected after payment of all arrears and restoration fees to the Company. Restoration fee may be added electronically to customer’s next bill.

The following procedures shall be followed by the customer to restore electricity service:
• Pay the bill.
• Contact SEC's unified number 920001100 and request electricity service restoration.

4What are the requirements for requesting electricity service connection?

- You can find all the information you need by visiting the Electricity Service Request page through the link​ Here

5What are the requirements for upgrading power supply, additions, group metering, and division of electrical capacity?

- You can find all the information you need by visiting the Electricity Service Request page through the link Here

6What is a Fixed Bill service? How do I register for the service?

- You can find all the information you need by visiting the Fixed Bill Service page through the link Here 

7What is the SMS service? How do I register for the service?

 - You can find all the information you need by visiting the Short Message Service page through the link Here

8What is the Electronic Bill Service? How do I register or subscribe to this service?

- You can find all the information you need by visiting the E-Bill Service page through the linkHere

9Can I restore the service to my firm / facility after the official working hours and during public holidays?

Yes, by calling SEC's unified call center number 920001100​.

10What are the Service Connection Fees for different breakers capacities?

You can find all the information regarding the service delivery fees for different breakers through the link Here​

11My bill is very high, and I think it is inaccurate. What should I do?

-You can call SEC's unified call center number 920001100 to verify your correct bill balance.

12What should I do if the meter is not working (stopped or moving slowly)?

-You can call SEC's unified call center number 920001100​.

13What are the safety instructions related to electrical wirings?

If the company has determined that the wirings found in the customer's estate or those connected to company’s equipment are unsafe and form a threat to safety, then the customer’s electricity service will be disconnected in coordination with Civil Defense after delivery of a prior notice in this regard to the customer.
It is permissible to disconnect the customer’s current after he receives the prior notice when making any temporary or permanent change in wiring inside or outside the building in a way that may pose a threat to life and properties.

14How can I take advantage of the company's services in the event that the home is owned or is mortgage with a bank?

To begin with, the customer is required to change and modify the basic information by visiting the nearest customer services office and bring along the following :
- A copy of the property's title deed.
- A copy of the costumer's identity.
- A copy of a letter from the bank to approve the transfer of the owner’s data to the customer’s name.
- Fill out the attached form (form).

Changing the Electrical Voltage From (127/220) Volts to (230/400) Volts

​1Why use 230/400 volts instead of 127/220 volts?

Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world that uses the dual-distribution voltage 127/220 volts in homes where standard voltage 127 volts is used for household appliances (lighting fixtures, refrigerators, microwave ovens, TV) and the 220 volts for high-load electrical appliances (air conditioners, elevators, pumps). Only 9% of the countries in the world use this dual-distribution voltage while more than 70% use 230/380 volts, many of which are planning to adopt or change to the international standard voltage 230/400 volts being recommended by the international electrotechnical Commission (IEC); the organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronics and related technologies. Six percent (6%) of the countries of the world use 110 volts while the remaining 15% use various voltages. The continued application of the dual-voltage in the kingdom brings negative effects which include the following:

- Isolation from international-adopted standards voltage 230/400 volts which shall gradually become the standards voltage applied in different countries at international level.

- Increased incidence of accidents (electrical shocks, damage to electrical appliance, and outbreaks of fires) when appliances are mistakenly plugged into wrong voltage due to the presence of dual-voltages 127/220 volts in the home.

- The need to use adaptors to connect electrical devices to power source, given a huge array of plugs and sockets which weaken the level of security and safety.

- Continued entry of electrical appliances to the markets of the Kingdom, designed for voltage​ of less than 127 volts, and allow them to operate at non-rated voltage shall lead to a shortening of their service life and reducing their performance efficiency.

- Difficulty in the application of certificates of conformity with the Saudi standards specifications because the voltage rating of the imported equipment is different from the voltage rating used in the kingdom.

- Manufacturing difficulty involved in the production of devices with operating voltage of 127 volts being encountered by exporting factories to the kingdom requires additional cost to the consumer.

2What are the benefits to be gained from this change?​​

The use of voltage level 230/400 volts gives better results compared to voltage 127/220 volts. A study prepared by a dedicated team with the support of the Ministry of Water and Electricity has shown that there are many benefits that can be derived from this change, as follows:

First: Benefits to the kingdom:
1. Improved level of safety in electrical wiring and , therefore , lack of incidence of fires caused by electricity.
2. Achieve uniformity in the electrical distribution voltages with the GCC countries to facilitate standardization of electrical devices’ specifications within the GCC countries as well as in the rest of Arab countries and countries of the world.
3. Growth in Saudi exports of electrical appliances at competitive prices due to lower production costs resulting from the application of international standards on the national industry.
4. Standardization of screening procedures and allowing electrical equipment at customs ports at the level of Gulf Cooperation Council due to the standardization of voltage.
5. Ease testing appliances and wirings, as revealed in performance test in the laboratories, whether government or private.
6. Conformity with global systems of voltages and thus takes advantage of the technical transmission with minimum constraints.

Second: Benefits to electric service providers:
1. Lowers the costs of electric meter and electrical box to be installed in the customer’s premises due to the reduction in the amount of current and meter size, and the elimination of current transformer from the meter.
2. Less energy losses in the electrical distribution networks and equipment due to lower amount of current level.
3. Overcomes the problem of voltage decline in the distribution network, thus contributing to performance improvement and protection household appliances.
4. Less number of cables used and smaller cross-sectional area of cable for the same power capacity, thus reducing the cost of establishing electrical distribution networks.
5. Reduces the circuit breaker capacity and the cooper conductors within the panels.
6. Increase the number of customers that can be connected to one transformer having the same current capacity.
7. Standardization of low voltage for all customer categories.
8. Standardization of equipment used in low voltage.
9. Reduce the amount of equipment inventory in service provider’s warehouses in different regions in the long run, owing to the standardization of equipment.
10. Standardization of procedures for training, installation and operation of distribution networks.

Third: Benefits to customers:
1. Avoids risks of plugging electrical appliances to the wrong voltage due to the existence of two different voltages.
2. Reduces the price of electrical appliances due to conformance of Saudi standard specifications with international standards.
3. Improves the performance efficiency of electrical appliances and increase their useful life as they are operated at their rated voltage.
4. Use of cheaper and smaller size distribution panel in buildings.
5. Use of electrical wires with smaller cross-sectional area which costs less, for the internal wirings of the building.
6. Lesser energy losses in electrical wiring lead to energy saving.
7. Standardization of electrical plugs and sockets in the facility.

Fourth: Benefits to factory owner and importer of appliances:
1. Creates export opportunities due to compatibility of electrical appliances specifications with international standards.
2. Allows ease of importing manufacturing equipment that are compliant with international standards and ease of exporting electrical appliances and equipment products.
3. Eliminates the operation of production lines operating on different voltage standards, but one production lines with a standard voltage to reduce costs. It facilitates the transfer of technology for the plant and lowers production costs which make it easier to sell at competitive prices both locally and abroad.
4. Cuts import cost as well as ease on re-export.

3Will this trend affect the existing homes?

Existing homes will not be affected now but will have to change the voltage 10 years after the issuance of a decision to shift to the international voltage in accordance with the voltage-change plan adopted by the Ministry of Water and Electricity. Its implementation will be supervised in cooperation with concerned authorities for electricity services to achieve the best interest of the customer and the electricity service provider.

4What about the new buildings in existing neighborhoods?

Only 220 volts will reach the new buildings in existing neighborhoods (between two electrified lines). The electrical wirings for these buildings shall be designed for operation on this voltage. This shall facilitate the change to 230 volts at the right time ( at the start of the final stage) while taking into account that all switches, circuit breaker and switches plugs (if any) are bipolar type separating electricity loads of the two lines together at the same time, and not only the separation of one line.

5Is it necessary to replace the existing electrical household appliances? What considerations
should be taken when buying household electrical appliances from now on?

Existing home residents are not required to change their current devices, but when you buy a new appliance, it must be suitable to operate on either or both voltages 127/220- volt and preferably on a single voltage (220) volts. Everyone shall avoid buying any device running on single-voltage 127 volts or 110 volts.

6Who will bear the cost of modifying the internal wiring in existing homes after ten years?

The facility owner will not bear the cost of modifying the internal wiring if electricity services had reached the facility before the issuance of the decision until 12/30/1432 AH. Saudi Electricity Company will assume the cost of modification for those who have been provided with electricity until this date and only during the implementation phase which will begin after 10 years from the date of the decision and shall last for 15 years.

7Who will modify the internal wirings in the existing buildings?

A company or specialized and qualified companies will modify the internal networks of existing buildings under the supervision of Saudi Electricity Company according to the change program.

8Does the new voltage 230/400 volts pose a danger to user safety?

There is no danger to user or tenant if he adheres to the requirements of safety and security in electrical wirings and the use of plugs and sockets that comply with the Saudi standard specifications.

9Is there a need to change the electric meter and meter breaker? If so, who will bear the costs?

All the required changes in the distribution network including changes in electrical meter and meter breaker, if required, Saudi Electricity Company will handle these changes and bear the costs.

10If an existing home is currently fed with voltage 127/220 volts, what are the actions that  
the occupant shall take to change to voltage 230/400 volts?

The occupant must not buy any additional device running on 127 volts, and if there is a need to replace a device having a single voltage 127 volts, replace it with a dual voltage 127/220 volts device. Yet, it is preferred that the replacement is a single-voltage 220 volts device to facilitate future transition to the international voltage 230 volts.

11What about the new schemes?

As regards the new schemes, the international voltage 230 volts will be delivered to homes and voltage 230/400 volts to factories and large commercial center.

12When constructing a new home in a residential area or in a new area, or setting up a factory
in a new industrial area or in an existing area, what is required?

All electrical wiring installations in new homes and facilities shall conform to the new voltage standard, so that electricity can be delivered to these areas with this voltage.

13The existing plants are currently fed by the current industrial voltage 230/380 volts, will this be changed
to international voltage 230/400 volts?

The difference between the current industrial voltage 220/380 volts and the new international voltage 230/400 volts falls within the allowable voltage variation, and that the buildings and facilities that are fed by industrial voltage 220/380 volts will not be affected by the change to voltage 230/400 volts.

14What effect does changing to voltage 230/400 volts have on importing and manufacturing electrical devices
that run on voltage 127 volts and on dual voltage 127/220 volts?

Importation and manufacture of devices that operate on single-voltage 127 volts must immediately stop. On the other hand, the importation and manufacture of devices that operate on dual-voltage 127/220 volts may continue and bolster the importation and manufacture of devices that operate on voltage 230 volts.

15Will the change to new voltage bring about saving in construction costs?

Yes, the change in this case has economic and technical benefits. With this change, small size cables and distribution panels in the distribution network are used, and lower breaker capacity as well, which lead to save the wiring costs especially in homes and buildings.

16Will this change affect electricity consumption in homes and factories?

The energy consumption is calculated in kilowatt hours, and will not be affected by the change of voltage.

17Does voltage change have any effect on frequency?

There is no effect on the frequency. The electrical network frequency in the kingdom is 60Hz and this will not change as a result of voltage change.


1How could we register our company / establishment / firm in Saudi Electricity Company?

You might access the Suppliers’ Registration through this link


2We are a registered supplier in SEC, how could we obtain an authorization for the presentation of our price offers through e-bidding?

You can contact supplier affairs administration through the e-mail or by the telephone number +966 (11) 4619454 in order to get your user name and password. In addition you will receive an invitation through your e-mail registered with us includes a link for the tender and a link for submission of your price offer electronically.

3Is the registration through the company’s website considered as unified for all of the company wok sectors (areas)?

Yes and there will be a unified number for each supplier to deal with all company work areas.

4Can we submit all offers via e-bidding?

1.You will submit you offer through e-bidding when you receive an e-mail from SEC containing bid Inf. & link to quote.
2.You will submit you offer through Purchasing Division in certain Operating Area when you are invited through a fax message guiding you to the proper procedure.

5Contractor Registration and Qualification

• How can I register as a contractor with the Saudi Electricity Company? 

You can register at the company's Go to Business > registration and qualification > Contractor and Vendor Registration and fill the form for the company’s registration. An onscreen message will show you the documentation required for registration of local or foreign contractors. An autoreply e-mail will be sent to the contractor with a link to upload business certification, after which the request would be ready for final review and approval. This video will guide you through the registration process: video

• How can a contractor take advantage of the services at the Bidder Portal page after registration is complete?

After the registration process is completed, login information will be sent in two messages to the e-mail address entered when registered: The first message will contain the username and Vendor number, and the second message will contain a temporary password. This video will show you around the contractor's portal : video

• Can a contractor get an additional username or update the current one in the bidder portal?

You can create an additional username or update your existing one. Just download the form titled “Update or Add Contact” here , fill it in and have it notarized at the Chamber of Commerce, then send scans of the form and appropriate documentation to *For foreign companies, the form may be notarized at the Saudi diplomatic missions of their respective countries. 

 • How can I recover a lost password?

Go to Link click Get Support, and enter the required information you used when you registered (your username, first name, last name, and email address.) This video will guide you through the password recovery process:  video 

If you need any additional support, you may contact us at 

• How can information related to the Commercial Registration (registration number, Vendor name, or any other information) be updated in the Company's system?

A request to change the commercial registration information must be sent to with these documents attached: The old commercial registration (if any), the new commercial registration, and the amendment statement of the commercial registration issued by the Ministry of Commerce. 

• How can a contractor's commercial certificates be updated in the company's system?

All commercial certificates – except for restricted Zakat, conditional Zakat, Facilitation Letters – can be updated by uploading each certificate in the specified field in PDF format through the bidder portal, as well as entering all the expiry dates of the uploaded certificates accurately (in Gregorian calendar format). This video will guide you through the process of updating business documents: video 

• How can the restricted and/or conditional Zakat Certificate and Tasheel Letter be updated?

Restricted and conditional Zakat certificates and Facilitation Letters must be sent to The vendor number should be stated in the mail sent, with the phrase “Restricted or conditional zakat certificate or Facilitation Letter” appearing in the title of the email to be sent.

• How can the prequalification forms be obtained through the bidder Portal?

You can download the financial, commercial and technical qualification forms here: Business > Registration and Qualification > Contractor’s Qualification > contractor's portal. Enter the reference number of any project you’re interested in qualifying for. Fill out the forms and submit them manually. The reference numbers for the activities are here: Link This video will show you how to upload the qualification forms:  video 

• How can I submit my prequalification files after completion? 

You must ship your prequalification documents in hard copy, along with three soft copies on CD, to the Localization and Qualification Department - Contractors Registration and Qualification division. 

• What is the procedure for upgrading my qualification as a contractor?

An upgrade process is the same as that for a new request. Please follow the steps described in question 9 above. 

• What are tax certificate classification updates in the Contractor Portal?

#01: a registered contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

#02: an unregistered contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

#03: contractor abides by GCC tax agreement 

#04: contractor not covered by GCC tax agreement 

#05: Contractor outside GCC system. 

For any technical issues with the bidder portal, please provide us with a screenshot and a simple explanation of the problem, in addition to your Vendor number and username, at

Human Resources

1What are the required qualifications?

The required qualification for university graduates from Bachelors degree holders.

2When application starts and what is the deadline?

Application is open throughout the year for graduates of the specializations found on the website.

3What are desired specializations?

Required specializations are (electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electronical engineering, systems engineering, computer sciences, computer engineering, management information systems, business administration, marketing, accountancy, financial sciences).

4What are the required grades or averages?

The required grades and averages are Good and higher, for example, from 2.75/5 - - - - OR - - - - 2.3/4.

5What are accredited universities and required by the company?

The approved universities at the company are all Saudi universities in addition to the accredited and approved universities and degrees issued abroad by the Ministry of Higher Education in Riyadh.

6What are the application and employment procedures in the company?

The application are submitted through the company website

7Is it possible to modify and update any data and experience at the site?

Yes, You may modify and update any data or expertise by following the steps on site.

8How is the applicant notified about his acceptance by the company?

The applicant is notified by phone, a SMS on mobile, or by an e-mail to his e-mail address.

9What is the experience type that the company requires?

The expertise required by the company is either in engineering, technical, or administrative so as to be relevant to the job applied for by the applicant.

10What are the documents required at the initial review and acceptance?

1. The original and a photocopy of the last qualification + original and a photocopy of the study transcript or academic record.
2. Original and a copy of all piratical experience and training courses.
3. Original and a copy of the certificate of good conduct and behavior.
4. Two photocopies of the civil status or national identity card.
5. Three color photographs size 6x8.
6. Original and a photocopy of experience certificate of the current job.
7. A photocopy of insurance card (if already a member).

11What are other application fields for other qualifications applicants?

Be announced annually by the HR management (employment) and Training Institutes for some training opportunities and jobs for the holders of other qualifications for a specific period that comes after the final tests for secondary education and diploma of each year. Application to and review of the details is possible through the company's website and local newspapers during the months of June and July of each year.