National Grid SA Signing Memorandum Of Understanding and Localizing High Voltage Cables Accessories and Joints Industry

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National Grid SA, a subsidiary of Saudi Electricity Company, delegates visited Japanese and Korean companies to sign a number of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for the purpose of technical support for maintenance, training, developing and unifying the company standards. This is also, to upgrade the relationship with major international manufacturers of Transmission Grid equipment and systems into an effective strategic partnership for the development of electricity infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. This has been explained by Engr. Mohammad Al-Rafaa, Vice President of Engineering in National Grid SA. In addition, he further expanded that the visit held discussions with four International companies in the fields of electrical industries aimed to develop strategic relations with them and to transfer of their expertise and advanced technologies in the field of electrical industries to Saudi Arabia and training the company employees on this technology. Moreover, the company raised the new investment opportunities to manufacture components of transmission network and substation in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Engr. Al-Rafaa indicated that the Japanese company Mitsubishi has signed the MOU between National Grid SA and Mitsubishi. Whereby, the signed MOU provides technical support for maintenance, training, developing and unifying the standards for the company. Also, it has been discussed the interest of the Mitsubishi to participate in the future Direct Purchase Contract and compete as Main Contractor for Substation projects. National Grid SA delegates conducted several meetings with the Japanese company Hitachi and agreed in this meetings for a comprehensive maintenance program for transmission substation executed by Hitachi in Saudi Arabia. In addition, Hitachi was invited to participate in GCC-Cigree, to share their experiences and efforts to establish a National committees of IEC that are specialized in International Standard for transmission network and component where Hitachi have distinctive experienced in this field. Engr. Al-Rafaa added that the delegates also visited South Korea where they signed MOU with Hyundai, aims to improve the investment efficiency, improve the effectiveness of operating and maintaining the assets, transfer the knowledge and develop the technical and engineering competence. Also, Hyundai has showed its interest for localization of their advance technology inside Saudi Arabia in the field of Electrical industry by sharing with National Grid SA their feasibility study in the upcoming period. In addition the delegates visited Taihan and Hyosung companies and conducted a visit to Smart Substation and Underground Cable Tunnel 345kV. As agreed in the Action Plan, Taihan will built its local factory for high voltage power cables joint and accessories in second Industrial City in Riyadh. The factory will start of manufacturing in the beginning of next year.