Dear Vendor,
We appreciate your interest in registering as a vendor for Saudi Electricity Company. All vendors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (local) or outside the kingdom (foreign) are required to fill the registration application and submit the needed documents via e-mail.

You can contact with the Vendor Affair and Support Division In the above Email, If you did not receive any registration notification after completing all the requirements .

Please note that vendor registration will be auto rejected if the vendor fail to submit the required documents within 30 days. Saudi Electricity Company also recommend all vendors to update their information from time to time. Kindly, do visit the company's website for any updates regarding suppliers issues.

The Vendor registration does not necessarily mean that you are a qualified manufacturer to supply the materials. If pre-qualification is necessary, vendor must complete the pre-qualification process for his factory in accordance the nature of the material after the registration notification. For manufacturers Pre-qualification process you may visit the company's website.

Saudi Electricity Company has the right to suspend trading with suppliers who does not achieve the level of performance consistent with SEC's standards based on periodic evaluation of the supplier's performance within a year of registration.

You can use this toll free number & reach our customer service desk to seek information/ clarity on following services:

To update our Suppliers database MVRQD@SE.COM.SA

It's important that all vendors read the following documents & we recommend to download and print the documents to be referenced easily.
ATTENTION: This rigistration is for materials suppliers and manufacturer only

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